February 01, 2023

Comedy Theatre: Mono

Three goes very amiably into one in Mono, a suite of gently comic monologues divided up and performed by some of Australia’s favourite funny people, past and present.

In what he calls a ‘Brand New Classic Comedy ‘ and ‘A three-person one-man show ‘ Mono writer and director Angus FitzSimons has a fairly clear demographic in mind and it is not the Wil Anderson/Hannah Gadsby/ Kirsty Webeck crowd. Like his other show (with a published book tie-in) the semiotically …

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December 19, 2022

The Best of 2022

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For the third year running any discussion of the performing arts turns inevitably to COVID-19 and the wreckage it has brought to scheduling and presenting events. More has been launched this year (and there have been fewer cancellations) but many changes had to be made to casts and crew all the same. The masking restrictions have lifted but that has on occasion made some, including me, watchful of which events we attended.

As I look over my year’s attendances, I …

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