February 21, 2022

Back to the Park: WOMADelaide 2022 Returns to Full Strength

Director Ian Scobie and Associate Director, Annette Tripodi talk to Murray Bramwell about reclaiming and re-setting Adelaide’s favourite music event – despite the challenges of COVID-19.

WOMADelaide is turning thirty and what a year to have a milestone birthday. From its inception in 1992, when it formed part of Rob Brookman’s Adelaide Festival, this vibrant, richly diverse music event has captured this city and brought visitors and rusted-on fans from all over the country.

Based in the CBD in Botanic …

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February 23, 2021

The Barefoot Review

WOMADelaide 2021: Re-inventing for the Pandemic

Murray Bramwell talks with Artistic Director, Ian Scobie about the challenges of planning a music festival during COVID.

The last time I interviewed Ian Scobie about WOMADelaide it was late January last year and Kangaroo Island was burning down. The bushfires -which engulfed huge sections of the country, sending serious smoke haze into the cities – were on everyone’s mind. Scobie’s company APA was running a national tour for the Italian composer, Ludovico Einaudi, …

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March 03, 2020

Daily Review – WOMADelaide 2020 Returns to Botanic Park

Director Ian Scobie talks with Murray Bramwell about Adelaide’s most enduring international music event.

This coming Friday, March 6, marks the opening of the four day WOMADelaide music festival. With its odd portmanteau name (WOMAD is an acronym for World of Music and Dance) the South Australian version of the UK festival, originally founded and promoted by Peter Gabriel, began as part of Rob Brookman’s Adelaide Festival in 1992.

There have been 23 festivals since then – it became an …

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February 28, 2019

Daily Review – Planet Music

Daily Review
Planet Music
WOMADelaide 2019

WOMADelaide : Adelaide’s leading music festival opens on March 8 for three days and four nights. Program Manager Annette Tripodi talks with Murray Bramwell about this year’s line-up.

It is a fact of life for annual festivals that no sooner has one taken its final curtain than next year’s model, not only begins, but is well under way. Scoping out and signing performers from across the world is a continuing task and subject to …

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March 02, 2018

Daily Review – Welcoming the World

Daily Review

Welcoming the World

As WOMADelaide prepares to open the gates of Botanic Park from March 9 -12, Murray Bramwell talks with Program Manager Annette Tripodi about the 2018 program.

March is a brilliantly mad month in Adelaide. It is when the city is captured by the Festival and Writers’ Week, the ever-expanding Fringe, the Clipsal 500 Supercar race, and WOMADelaide. Each event has its signatures, rituals and durable traditions – but that seems almost especially true of WOMAD.…

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March 06, 2017

Daily Review – WOMADelaide Celebrates

Daily Review

WOMADelaide Celebrates

Murray Bramwell talks with WOMADelaide director Ian Scobie about the music festival with a difference.

It is now 25 years since WOMADelaide, that strange acronym grafted on to the name of an Australian city, was first heard about. In 1992, as part of Rob Brookman’s Adelaide Festival, negotiations took place between Brookman, his colleague Ian Scobie, and Thomas Brooman, the director of the UK WOMAD (aka World of Music, Arts and Dance) festival. The idea was …

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March 01, 2016

Navigating the New World

Murray Bramwell previews WOMADelaide 2016

It is less than ten days until WOMADelaide opens again for three days and four nights of intriguing and often exhilarating music, performed by 400 musicians from more than 30 countries. From small, but nonetheless impressive, beginnings in 1992 under the wing of Rob Brookman’s Adelaide Festival, WOMADelaide, now in its 20th incarnation and an annual fixture since 2002, has become a major national festival. Noted for its consistent quality, and the depth and …

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February 27, 2015

The World in a Long Weekend: Previewing WOMADelaide 2015

Filed under: 2015,Archive,Womadelaide

Murray Bramwell

In just seven days time, on March 6, for four days and nights, WOMADelaide 2015 will fill Botanic Park with roving artists, Planet Talk speakers, KidZone artists and, of course, musicians : 58 bands from more than 30 countries. Founded 23 years ago, and an annual event since 2008, WOMAD has long been a major event in March.

Staged in the second weekend of the Adelaide Festival and flanked by the Clipsal 500 and the Adelaide Fringe, it …

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February 25, 2014

Music World

Murray Bramwell previews a selection of the singers and sounds from Womadelaide 2014, opening March 7 to 11. Botanic Park, Adelaide.

For more than twenty years the first week in March in Adelaide has heralded, not just the Festival and Fringe, but Womadelaide, the enduringly popular music event with the portmanteau name that is both a local and national institution. First staged in 1992, under the wing of Rob Brookman’s Festival, Peter Gabriel’s UK concert venture Womad (that’s acronym for …

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February 27, 2013

New Sounds in the Park

WOMADelaide 2013

Murray Bramwell

The line-up for this year’s WOMAD in Botanic Park has been announced and the anticipation begins. It is a big list – with three days and four nights to cover – and there is the usual mix of familiar names and those never-heard-of-till-now- performers who will doubtless join the 20 year list of artists who, once seen and heard, are never forgotten.  Names like Youssou N’Dour, Sheila Chandra, Toumani Diabate, Afro Celt Sound System, L. …

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