June 17, 2013

Original and diverse artists find new levels

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Cabaret Festival 2013
Adelaide Festival Centre
Bookings at BASS 131 246
until June 22.

Bernadette Robinson
In Concert
Dunstan Playhouse
June 15.

Christine Johnston, Lisa O’Neill, Peter Nelson
Space Theatre
June 12.

This year, Adelaide’s 13th Cabaret Festival coincides with the 40th anniversary of the Festival Centre and the place is buzzing. Kate Ceberano’s program is diverse – too diverse, cabaret purists might say – but, for a second year running, she has hit the mark. The festival …

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June 11, 2013

Stockport to Memphis

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Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2013

Stockport to Memphis
Barb Jungr
(with Simon Wallace)
Dunstan Playhouse
June 9.

Barb Jungr’s latest Cabaret Festival show, Stockport to Memphis, is also the title of her latest (eighteenth !) record album and features a mix of contemporary classics and her own compositions. It is a Look Back in Jungr, perhaps.

The daughter of European émigré parents, Jungr was born in Rochdale in Lancashire and grew up in Stockport, a town ten miles south of Manchester. …

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June 05, 2013

Matters of life, death …and slapstick

Come Out Festival 2013
May 22 – 31.

by debbie tucker green
State Theatre Company
The Space, Adelaide Festival Centre
May 29.

The Vistors
by Sean Riley
Urban Myth Theatre Company
The Goodwood Institute, Adelaide
May 31. Tickets : $ 18.50
Bookings: BASS 131 246 or
Until June 8.

The Moon is a Balloon
Devised and performed by Patch Theatre
Odeon Theatre, Norwood, Adelaide.
June 1.

Come Out, Adelaide’s leading festival for young people began in 1974 …

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May 01, 2013

Adelaide Theatre – Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler
by Henrik Ibsen
Adaptation by Joanna Murray-Smith
State Theatre Company.
Dunstan Playhouse
Adelaide Festival Centre.
April 30. Tickets $ 25 – $ 65
Bookings: BASS 131 246
Until May 18.

“Men and women,“ Henrik Ibsen once observed, “don’t belong to the same century.” He was writing, in 1889, preliminary jottings for one of his best-known plays, Hedda Gabler – but, even 124 years later, the remark carries a rebuke. Ibsen had made the same point earlier, in his …

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April 24, 2013

A Night in Bohemia

Homage to Uncertainty
Emma Beech

The Giovanni Experiment
Hew Parham

La Boheme
April 20

The Adelaide Festival and Fringe programs have long been an embarrassment of riches. There are only so many places you can be at 8 pm on a Tuesday, or 7 pm on a Thursday and, with so many events scheduled, inevitably there are clashes and missed opportunities – especially when the enthusiastic buzz begins about particular shows and, alas, bookings and commitments have already been locked …

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April 02, 2013

Robert Plant

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March 30, 2013

Old Graft, Green Shoots

Robert Plant
Adelaide Entertainment Centre
March 26.

Murray Bramwell

What do you do when you have already climbed the stairway to top-of-the-charts heaven, when you have hopped to the top of the misty mountain  ?  As part of Led Zeppelin, one of the most successful rock bands of all time, what was lead singer, Robert Plant, going to do when it was over ?

After the sudden death of drummer John “Bonzo” Bonham …

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Fringe serves up a mixed bag of delights

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March 19

Adelaide Fringe 2013
February 15 – March 17

Second only to its Edinburgh counterpart, the annual Adelaide Fringe, now running over four weeks, has an uncurated program of over 900 events – gathering exponents of cabaret, circus, dance, music, and theatre, as well as hosting more than 360 comedy acts, many limbering up for the next leg to Melbourne.

Household names and talented newcomers alike, Fringe artists generate an energy, skill and enthusiasm which captivates audiences and galvanises …

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April 01, 2013

Memory and Oxo Cubes

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The Little Enemy
by Nicholas Reid
Steele Roberts Aotearoa
ISBN 978-1-877577-51-2
RRP. $29.95. 94 pp.

A Man Runs into a Woman
by Sarah Jane Barnett
Hue & Cry Press
ISBN 978-0-473-21399-2
71 pp.

The Same as Yes
by Joan Fleming
Victoria University Press
ISBN 978-0-86473-698-7
RRP: $ 28.00. 79 pp.

Murray Bramwell

These three collections are all debut publications and each reminds us of the diversity in current writing. They vary greatly in perspective, tone, technique, assumed knowledge and raise …

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March 16, 2013

Holocaust horrors amplified

March 13 , 2013
Adelaide Festival

Created by Herman Helle, Pauline Kalker and
Arlene Hoornweg .
Hotel Modern
The Space, Adelaide Festival Centre.
March 12. Tickets $ 30 – $ 59
Bookings : BASS 131 246 or
Until March 17.

It is part of the tragedy of modern times that we can know about catastrophic events but still not fathom them. We are told the statistics from the two World Wars, for instance, soldier and civilian fatalities …

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March 10, 2013

Parks and Re-creation

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Van Dyke Parks
with Daniel Johns, Kimbra
and the Adelaide Art Orchestra
Thebarton Theatre
March 8.

Murray Bramwell

Artistic director, David Sefton had always planned to include Van Dyke Parks in his first Adelaide Festival and among the hit-and-miss, mix-and-almost match fare of this week’s Brassland events, this Thebarton show has been a highlight. Much has to do with the genial, outgoing presence of Parks himself. But equally, the enthusiastic participation by Daniel Johns and electro-pop favourite, Kimbra turned an …

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