September 19, 2010


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August 31, 2010

by Matthew Whittet
Brink Productions
Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre
August 31. Tickets  $ 26.95 – 54. Bookings : BASS 131 246
Until September 11.

When Chris, a young man minding his own business (Nathan O’Keefe) , happens upon Maddy, a late-teens uni student with blood gushing from her neck (Yael Stone) , Matthew Whittet’s gen-X comedy drama, Harbinger foreshadows scary monsters before dawn’s early light.

Since Trueblood we have known that vampires are more than just cloaks and fangy teeth and there is plenty of wit and whimsy as Chris and Maddy, armed with crucifixes, silver daggers, a Ziggy Stardust outfit and a photo of a father and daughter,  confront a very domestic looking Nosferatu (Alex Menglet). “Could this be a metaphor ?” Chris asks, as a jug full of blood pours down the bewildered Maddy. Well, yes, it could.

The excellent performances are stylishly directed by Chris Drummond, with design by Wendy Todd, very bright lights from David Gadsden, and a delightful disregard for movie style FX.  Harbinger is funny, engaging and full of dark surprise.

Murray Bramwell

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