April 30, 2015

60th year of Seventeenth Doll

The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
by Ray Lawlor
State Theatre Company of South Australia
Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre.
April 28. Tickets: $ 27 – $ 69.
Bookings : BASS 131246 or
Until May 16.
Duration: 2 hours 40 mins including interval.

It is now sixty years since The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll was first performed. It is extraordinary to think, that in 1955, it was closer in time to the opening night of Chekhov’s Seagull than …

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April 24, 2015

Burlesque centrestage in the moving tale of Joseph and Josephine


Madame : The Story of Joseph Farrugia
Creators/directors Ross Ganf, Ingrid Weisfelt and Vincent Crowley
Vitalstatistix, with State Theatre Company and Torque Show.
Burnside Ballroom, Portrush Road, Adelaide.
April 22. Tickets $ 25 – $ 35.
Bookings: BASS 131 246,
Until May 2.
Duration : 70 minutes.

When Torque Show director, Ross Ganf, first interviewed Joseph Farrugia, owner-manager of Adelaide’s Crazy Horse burlesque club, he wanted to make a show about the strip industry. “I was fascinated by …

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April 11, 2015

Suburban hope cruelled by fate

The Good Son
by Elena Carapetis
The Other Ones
The Bakehouse Theatre, Angas St. Adelaide
April 10. Tickets: $ 20- $30. Until April 25.
Duration 70 minutes.

“He curses his virtue like an unclean thing.” Playwright Elena Carapetis has taken her epigraph and title from Nick Cave’s The Good Son. This fine new work is an inner suburban tragedy of addiction, dependency and quiet desperation.

Frank (Renato Musolino), a dutiful son in his thirties, lives with his Greek mother …

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April 08, 2015

Unsuccessful tries and eventual conversion

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Unsuccessful tries and eventual conversion

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Singular recollections of rugby
in New Zealand in the 1960s

by Murray Bramwell

I think the year must have been 1958. It is Palmerston North, a large-ish town in New Zealand’s North Island. I am at a school like many, all up and down the country. Hokowhitu Primary School, with maybe four hundred other kids – boys with fair-isle jumpers and freckles and ringworm haircuts, the girls in plaits and white ankle socks, the teachers in tweed with pipes and …

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March 31, 2015

The Odes of March

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Augie March
Her Majesty’s
March 26

Murray Bramwell

It is several weeks on from the Ides of March, now it’s time for the Odes of March. Augie March, that is – back from a seven year hibernation for a national tour featuring their 2014 album Havens Dumb. Led by the prodigiously talented, singer songwriter Glenn Richards, Augie March appeared on the Australian music scene in 1998 and released their first album Sunset Studies in 2000. Now fifteen years and …

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March 26, 2015

Writer Captured Nation’s Rift

Alan Seymour:
Born Perth, June 6, 1927
Died Sydney, March 23, 2105.

Australian playwright Alan Seymour has died in Sydney aged 88. It is inevitable that tributes to him will circle around The One Day of the Year, the play written in 1959, which was at first notorious and then became a national classic. It made his name but, perhaps to his regret, overshadowed his other dramatic and literary achievements.

The “one day of the year” in …

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March 16, 2015

Adelaide Festival 2015

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Daily Review
March 16
Adelaide Festival 2015

Adelaide Festival(s)

Murray Bramwell

It is only 16 days into the month and already Adelaide’s “Mad March” is over. Admittedly, the Fringe began on February 13, but the intensity and simultaneity of the various major events – Fringe, Clipsal 500, Adelaide Cup and, of course, the original March event, the Adelaide Festival – in just a fortnight, is both exhilarating and, perhaps, problematic.

Just as it has in Edinburgh, home to the first …

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eSensual Readings

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Essential New Zealand Poems:
Facing the Empty Page
Selected by Siobhan Harvey, James Northcliffe
and Harry Ricketts
A Godwit Book, Random House, New Zealand
ISBN 978-1-77553-459-4
RRP: $ 45.00. 319 pp.

Murray Bramwell

So what makes poems essential ? In their introduction to this most appealing collection, the three editors mull the problem of their own title. Actually it is not their title, but a reprise of an earlier Godwit collection also called Essential New Zealand Poems. That was …

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March 12, 2015

Marriages made in burlesque

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Adelaide Festival

Beauty and the Beast
One of Us/Improbable
Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre.
March 10. Tickets: $ 30 – $ 59
Bookings:, BASS 131 246.
Duration : 1 hr 15 mins. R 18+.
Until March 15.

The Cardinals
Devised by Alia Alzougbi, Gerard Bell, Graeme Rose, Craig Stephens
Stan’s Cafe.
Flinders Street Baptist Church, 65 Flinders Street
March 11. Tickets: $ 30 – $ 49
Bookings:, BASS 131 246.
Duration : 1 hr 40 mins.
Until …

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