February 21, 2022

Back to the Park: WOMADelaide 2022 Returns to Full Strength

Director Ian Scobie and Associate Director, Annette Tripodi talk to Murray Bramwell about reclaiming and re-setting Adelaide’s favourite music event – despite the challenges of COVID-19.

WOMADelaide is turning thirty and what a year to have a milestone birthday. From its inception in 1992, when it formed part of Rob Brookman’s Adelaide Festival, this vibrant, richly diverse music event has captured this city and brought visitors and rusted-on fans from all over the country.

Based in the CBD in Botanic …

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February 18, 2022

Fringe review: One Hour Photo

Four and a Half Stars
Murray Bramwell

One Hour Photo is a snapshot of one man’s life – captured from thirty hours of interview and a lifetime of turbulent after-images.

Adding to the usual array of theatre spaces at the popular Holden Street Theatre hub is Ruby’s at No.32. In past Fringes we have seen micro theatre performances in this charming but compact venue but this time it is decked out as a little cinema. Ten comfortable chairs with side …

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February 17, 2022

Fringe review: Meet Me at Dawn

Fringe Festival
Murray Bramwell

Two women are cast on to a desolate beach. As they begin to get their bearings the world will never be the same. Nor, perhaps, will yours either.

Five Stars.

The play opens with a thunderous ocean swell, courtesy of sound designer Sascha Budimski, and a darkened stage, courtesy of Mark Oakley’s lighting. Gradually the visibility lifts and we see a young woman drenched to the skin, hair bedraggled, trying to gather herself after being hurled …

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Fringe review: Afghanistan is Not Funny

Adelaide Fringe
Murray Bramwell
Fringe review: Afghanistan is Not Funny
Five Stars

A high-profile comedian visits a war zone in Kabul and it not only transforms him, but the things he wants to write about. This often comic memoir looks for answers to serious questions.

Henry Naylor is the master of the dramatic miniature. His plays, rarely more than sixty minutes in duration, are a crowded hour of fact, polemic, suspense, and compressed emotion that take us where other playwrights …

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December 20, 2021

The Best of 2021

Filed under: 2021,2022,Archive

This has been another weird and difficult year. But differently weird and difficult from 2020 our first year of COVID-19. That year was normal-ish for the first three months. After that, things were postponed and re-scheduled. Or more often – thwarted, abandoned, cancelled and locked-down.

As I wrote this time last year – “It has been a global catastrophe – medically, socially, economically and creatively. In Australia the problems for the creative arts have been enhanced by federal government spite …

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