February 24, 2017

Adelaide Fringe 2017 Report

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Murray Bramwell

The Adelaide Fringe has been going more than a week now and has spread its ever-larger network around the city. With more than 1300 events, 5,200 participating artists and an estimated turnout of 75,000 punters at the opening weekend parade, the proud claim to being second only to Edinburgh’s mega-Fringe event is further strengthened. The number of events clamouring for attention is astonishing – 290 comedy shows, 248 music performances, 143 theatre listings , 132 cabaret events and …

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February 22, 2017

Light and heat in Adelaide Fringe

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Adelaide Fringe

by Stacey Gregg
Prime Cut Productions
February 15.
Holden Street Theatres until March 19

by Henry Naylor
Redbeard Productions
February 15.
Holden Street Theatres until March 19

We Live by the Sea
by Alex Howarth and Cast
Patch of Blue
February 17.
The Black Forest, Royal Croquet Club
Until March 19.

Bookings : or phone 1300 621 255.

The Fringe has once again inundated Adelaide’s  inner city and environs and, after Saturday night’s luminous …

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February 18, 2016

Penny Arcade – Older, Wiser, Longer – and as thoughtful as ever

Penny Arcade
(Ukiyo, The Royal Croquet Club, 9.30 until March 14. Four and a Half Stars)

Penny Arcade, aka Susana Ventura, has an impeccable New York CV. She performed in Warhol/Morrisey films, she hung out as a teenager at Max’s Kansas City. She was there at Stonewall and in the terrible AIDS epidemic in the 80s and 90s. Last time she visited Adelaide as part of the 1994 Adelaide Festival, she performed wearing only an American flag. She also brought …

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Four of the Best of the Adelaide Fringe …So Far

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The Adelaide Fringe gets ever bigger and more successful. This year an estimated sixty-six thousand citizens turned out for last week’s opening parade marking the beginning of the month long Fringe season. On the same day a record 10,000 tickets were sold. With more than 1100 events and 5000 artists, it is the second largest (and second oldest) Fringe after the legendary Edinburgh fixture.

The venues spread around the Adelaide CBD have all been packed. At Rundle Park, Rymill Park …

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February 17, 2016

Excellent new theatre works worth seeking out in carnival of culture

Adelaide Fringe

by Henry Naylor
The Arch, Holden Street Theatre Company
In association with Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh
February 10. Until March 13.

The Last Time I Saw Richard
by Cat Commander
The Bakehouse.
February 16. Until Feb 23.

Red Ink
by Duncan Graham
Tuxedo Cat, Perske Pavillion
February 16. Until Feb 23.

It is not yet “mad March” in Adelaide and already the Fringe, the gargantuan, carnivalesque doppelganger to the Festival has roared into action. For artists and …

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February 27, 2015

Around the Fringe in Adelaide

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Murray Bramwell

Now two weekends into a four week season, the Adelaide Fringe continues to expand. In its amorphous, uncurated way it grows ever more confident and inclusive and the citizens love it. Even before the calendar page has officially turned to “Mad March” the city is feeling festive. The nights are warm, and everyone is out strolling to bars, cafes, eateries – and to see a show.

There is plenty to choose from. Adelaide has the second biggest Fringe …

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February 19, 2015

Companies willing to take risks put vibrant creativity centrestage

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Adelaide Fringe 2015

by Duncan Graham
Presented by Hannah Norris
Holden Street Theatres. Until March 14.

Mush and Me
by Karla Crome
Lip Sink Theatre
Holden Street Theatres. Until March 15.

Destroyer of Worlds
by Caleb Lewis
Rock Surfers Theatre Company
Tuxedo Cat, 54 Hyde Street.
Until February 28.
Bookings :
Fringetix phone : 1300 621 255.

The Fringe in Adelaide is misnamed. It doesn’t skirt the edges of the city, it envelopes it. For four weeks the …

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March 03, 2014

Fringe Wrap 2014

The Daily Review

Fringe Report
Adelaide Fringe 2014

Murray Bramwell

The Adelaide Fringe is like a shoebox full of grasshoppers. And it keeps getting voraciously bigger and busier. Second only in size and influence to the Edinburgh Fringe (on which it was modelled forty four years ago), the Fringe went annual in 2008 and each year has set new records for attendance and box office. In 2014, the Fringe has more than 970 events scattered across the Adelaide inner city …

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February 21, 2014

Carnival transforms the city and there are plenty of Fringe benefits

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Adelaide Fringe 2014
February 14 – March 16

The voluminous Adelaide Fringe opened last Friday. Defying recent torrential rain large crowds lined the streets for the night parade of performers and floats including a luminous disco cuttlefish. With a record 978 shows, including 473 Australian premieres, and box office at record levels, this vast, uncurated festival, second only to the Edinburgh extravaganza, transforms the Adelaide CBD into carnival.

New this year is the raffishly named Royal Croquet Club celebrating the …

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April 02, 2013

Fringe serves up a mixed bag of delights

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March 19

Adelaide Fringe 2013
February 15 – March 17

Second only to its Edinburgh counterpart, the annual Adelaide Fringe, now running over four weeks, has an uncurated program of over 900 events – gathering exponents of cabaret, circus, dance, music, and theatre, as well as hosting more than 360 comedy acts, many limbering up for the next leg to Melbourne.

Household names and talented newcomers alike, Fringe artists generate an energy, skill and enthusiasm which captivates audiences and galvanises …

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